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We need a list






THE ELITES ARE CORRUPT: Anne Applebaum Edition

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Jordon Peterson browsing /pol/

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The Art of the Kneel




I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway

Teach for America made me abandon the racism of the left. AOC made me abandon the left altogether. #walkaway #walkawaycampaign

I am a bit overwhelmed with the way this video has blown up (despite persistent shadow banning from YT!), and i really appreciate the thoughtful comments i've received. i noticed a few themes in the comments and i continue to get the same questions, so i want to address them here!

1) I did not jump from blind loyalty to democrats to blind loyalty to republicans. i simply came to the realization that i am not represented by leftism (which has overtaken the dem party), and I align better with conservatism. Typically that means i prefer the republican candidate, but i have no strong party loyalty. as many of you mentioned there is plenty wrong with the GOP as well. I purposefully did not include a ringing endorsement of the GOP for that reason.

2) i have specific and compelling reasons why i am conservative vs libertarian or moderate etc. and i arrived at those reasons through a lot of introspection and research. i am less concerned about the superficial issues of today and more concerned about the enduring principles we stand on, as well as procedural adherence to our founding documents. I've read a lot of Burke, Scruton, Sowell, etc. and i was impressed with their arguments. i did not expound on those arguments in the video because i didnt want to babble on for hours. If you want to understand conservatism, those writers are a wonderful place to start (try sowell, hes all over YT!), or check out ben shapiro. the point of this video is not to make people conservative, but rather to explain why some people choose not to be leftist.

3) i do value biblical morality, and I find the truthfulness and wisdom of it very compelling. i prefer to avoid appealing to religion in discussions of politics because i think it can alienate nonreligious people.

4) i am very certain that nowhere in the video did i say "racism doesnt exist", but if that was your impression i will clarify. racism exists, it's an endemic human evil, and we ought to do our best to fight it any place we see it. my intention in this video was to shine light on an overlooked element of racism that is running rampant under the guise of "morality". i think the stealthy way this type of racism works is particularly dangerous and insidious. I believe telling a child they are hated by their Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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