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I am proud of my Flag. You should be too. You're nothing without one. Wear your nation's flag with pride faggots.


You have nothing to be proud of. Ireland is nothing more than a recently liberated nation of cultureless drunkard slave untermenschen.

We have no mark on the the world besides butter and whiskey exports and being a tax haven for multinationals that have made the country financially dependent on them, and no heritage beyond an already dead imitation of tribalism that goes back more than two hundred years thanks to centuries of colonialism.

Of all the countries you could be a nationalist of, Ireland is one of the least appropriate. Anyone who is a nationalist in Ireland now is effectively a reactionary and nothing more.


Lad you've probably never set foot in Ireland so shut your fucking mouth.


>Lad you've probably never set foot in Ireland so shut your fucking mouth

Ive been there as a child multiple times.
It was pretty funny when you saw the police swear at drunkards who parked on double yellow lines.
Went there again recently and it was shocking multicultural cess pit.
Homeless people Irish and hordes of Africans, literally no Irish identity or culture left in Dublin.
They will probably start shipping them to the rural regions soon to finally destroy theIrish identity completely and forever for some perverse fetish.

We need to end the IMF and central banks to stop this.
Or just remain slaves.

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