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Fat "people" are not human. They are barely sentient lumps of lard that only exist to drain the resources of whatever healthcare system your government has. Fats are incapable of labor so they just sit around all day wasting perfectly good food to keep their barely functioning organs running. Considering how many fats there are around today, what should be done about them? I think fats need to be sent to camps where they work 16 hours a day of hard physical labor until they either die or get skinny. If they get skinny they get released on the condition of if they ever get fat again they're instantly executed.
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I live in a university city and managed to get a newly build studio apartment for rent 6 months ago.

I started to put that apartment on real estate sites for rent. In the first days you get like hundreds of replies of desperate young students. (we have a apartment shortage here).... I filter everyone out besides hot girls under 30 and then I invite them for a apartment viewing. Many of them are desperate to find an apartment and flirt with me. Keep them hanging for like 2 or 3 days and eventually tell them that you will rent out to someone else. You don't even have to ask them for sex, some offer it anyway.

So I have sex with them and give them a call some days later and tell them I'm so sorry but someone else got the apartment.

I started doing this like 1 month ago and already had sex with 5 cute girls and get my phone bombed by dozens of flirty girls.
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Why do people wear condoms?
1. If you are not trying to get pregnant why are you having sex?
2. Why are you having sex with people you don't trust or people who have diseases?

Serious replies only please

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Artwork from John Podesta's house.

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Teacher in Asia.

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