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Ok I’m high and just realized the most stupidest thing when looking at pic realted. Am I making sense or am I just stupidly high ?

A man I know ended up confessing that he feels like a woman and is trans.
But, how does he know what a woman is ?

Like, does he feel it in his body, does he feel that his body is wrong and want to get a woman’s body, and so accept that gender is based on a physical appearance and by extension, biology, and so he will never be a woman because he won’t ever get the exact same biologic body as a woman body.

Or does he feel it in his personality, and by so, accept that women and men have different psychological traits, which doesn’t make any sense to me because he can’t really know in any way how a woman think without being a woman himself.

I asked my gf and she said maybe he just feel like a woman, like it’s in the back of his head. And that would mean that it’s just a strange obsession.
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It's never been possible. Trans is a psyop created by appeasing the mentally ill. It's really not hard to disprove, but they won't listen to any of your arguments even if you spoon feed it to them.
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Back in the day it used to be good when you could burn such women calling them witch.
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It is similar to what we see in kids, these people never matured. I have taken care of nephews and nieces so I get the behavioral patterns. The attention seekers can mostly classified into four types, the hero,the villian,the victim and the jester.

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Embed: The Most Disturbing Case Ive Come Across - Chris & Channon–(YouTube)
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