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1. Anonymity removes a major barrier to entry for most people.
2. Anonymity breaks down power relationships between interlocutors.
3. Anonymity allows an individual to express an opinion without the fear of intimidation.
4. Anonymity allows an individual to express an opinion that may be contrary to that of their employer.
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>If you want to create a beautiful "community", forum software is not for you. You should rather find some way to securely verify people's identities and then talk with them on a first-name basis. Once you start allowing pseudonyms, anything goes. On the other hand, you're interested in starting a forum on some topic of your interest, and allowing anyone to post, then 2ch-type is infinitely better than PhpBB, Invision, or vBulletin. I'm going to refer to these as "old-type forum software"; I'm not pretending to be unbiased. Here's why:


Embed: Randy Newman - Short People (Official Video)–(YouTube)
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I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman–(YouTube)

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Seven years?
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Why do Americans sell 64 oz double big gulps?

The average human bladder is 16 to 24 ounces

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