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Did he shot the ones bullying him though?
How come none of the school shooters make elaborate and fun revenge plans. They're gonna be put away for life so they might as well do crazy ass shit. Blow up the bullies house. Kill their siblings, pets and most beloved relative. The point would be for the bullies to receive back tenfold all the discomfort they caused you.

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Did the Hitler youth really have to raise a puppy and then kill it to graduate into the SS?
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The Kaibiles are infamous for their reputed practice of forcing recruits to kill animals, which includes raising a puppy and bonding with it before killing and eating it, as well as biting the heads off live chickens. In addition, recruits are shot and forced to perform field surgery on themselves, and to drink water out of recently fired artillery shells. As part of the course's finishing ritual, every recruit must drink "Bomb", a mix of tequila, whisky, rum, beer, water and gunpowder, served in a bamboo glass with a bayonet tied to it. Soldiers must drink it carefully, so as not to get drunk and cut themselves with the bayonet. Once they successfully complete this ritual, they are inducted into the Kaibiles.[3][4][5][6][7]
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Sounds like a little kid made this up.
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it's true, also when I joined Turning Point USA I had to raise a mexican and then kill it
it sounds unbelievable but it happened

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These famous, rich actors renowned for their good looks, and incredibly rich and successful guys who are also world famous. If they’re not alpha enough to hold on to a woman in a marriage then nobody is.

The fact is that if you enter in a long term relationship with a woman, the woman has all the power. She can leave whenever she wants, and do whatever she wants, and the courts will side with her. She will get all sorts of yass queen slay affirmations for leaving you from social media and friends, and a he can say whatever lies and smears about you (“he was emotionally abusive/manipulative/gaslighting”) to defame your character and split your friends. She will also find another man whenever she wants while you are picking up the pieces.

That’s the arrangement a man enters into when he gets married today, ANY MAN.
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I also heard there's a fairly popular procedure amongst properly deflowered muslim women to restore their hymens. Don't fall for muh pure middle eastern waifu when a disturbing amount of them delude themselves into thinking taking dicks in the poophole doesn't count... or are crazy enough to get their pussy stitched up to momentarily trick their husband and father when the marriage is consummated. Also once they get a taste of the western lifestyle their religious hypocrisy gets cranked up 100%
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I feel like I've been running on fumes for the past 20 years. Is there any hope for me?

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