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How common is cheating in a relationship? Is it prevalent as everyone says it is? Are there really Chad's who just go around fucking people's wives? scared of entering into a relationship desu, how do you make your girl not stray?
¨ No.151
It's common, but people who say "all women cheat, so cheat on them" are pieces of shit who cheat anyway and they are projecting their own faults onto every woman they see to excuse their own behaviors.

You cannot stop someone from cheating; because when someone cheats, it is NOT about their partner. I speak from experience. It's about THEM and THEIR issues and THEIR perception of their needs and desires.

If you want to avoid the pain of being cheated on, then find someone who is into you for you, and not for sex. A sex-centered relationship fosters cheating. Build a relationship that centers around something, almost anything else. Then put some really positive sex vibes on top of that. The kind of person who is truly into you for you, and not your genitals, is incredibly less likely to cheat.

Same goes for you. Find someone who is so cool that you would want to hang out with them even if you weren't fucking. You can cheat too; don't assume you're perfect, and guard yourself against it.
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All the girls who watch the bachelor, and my matchmaker shows, “reality tv” about rich people, the CW, lifetime, etc. will cheat on you

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