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File: 1633281806552.jpg–(89.27KB, 590x600, 1633277878835.jpg)
American culture is centered around BLACKS. They have holidays for BLACKS. They killed hundreds of thousands of racist cr*ckers to free us BLACKS. They only listen to REAL music, a.k.a RAP. They elect a BLACK MAN as the BEST president. They dress and act like us BLACKS. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from BLACKS. They post sassy gifs about BLACKS. They watch basketball in worship of BLACKS. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of BLACKS beating WHITEY at playing sports. They use BLACK language like "bruh", "thot" and "be like". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking about some irrelevant Whitey. They're thinking of the KING. Their cities are completely controlled by BLACKS. They HATE their p*lice force for killing BLACK BVLLS. Their men sit around watching basketball while their women sit around watching OPRAH WINFREY. They worship KINGS like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson while attacking the cr*ckers who DESTROYED their country before BLACK KINGS took over. Their movies are filled with BLACKS and their music charts are topped by the only GOOD MUSIC, i.e RAP. They send BLACKS to the Olympics and celebrate when the BLACKS absolutely BTFO WHITEY. They watch BLACK ON WHITE BITCH porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of a Br*tish corporation but about BIG BLACK COCK instead. They will tell you how much they LOVE BLACKS and how the mutt's law meme is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING TRUE and their daughters LOVE BIG BLACK COCK but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of BLACKS DESTROYING WHITEY AND FUCKING THEIR DAUGHTERS.
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