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I was poisoned by mercury fumes while 4 years ago a blood pressure device with mercury failed and lost half its mercury. It had much more that a thermometer. Now i have findings in my brain MRI, and somewhat elevated protein in cebrospinal fluid, that hints to brain pathology. I also see my memory weakened and i am starting to have this dementia stare. I realize i have a brain fog, and i am nearly persuaded myself im onto dementia. Any solutions to remove mercury from the brain, stop the damage and if possible regain neurons? I know dementia aint curable and mercury poisoning doesnt have a treatment after some time, but maybe 4chan has some clues that dont find their way to the mainstream. /pol is very good at health issues imo with many insights to stuff.Thank you for the answers
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Listen, OP. Mercury is a type of metal, right? A heavy metal at that. Take Boron supplements (not Borax, Boron). Boron chelates heavy metals. I've taken it personally and am seeing no sides.

It binds to heavy metals and it gets excreted out the body. Take 9mg daily, empty the bottle. Then after a few months, see how you feel - you feeling more clarity? Are you noticing less brain fog? Do you feel less tired? Take note of stuff like that happening in your body. You can do it, anon

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