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This thread will require a lot of posts. Bump first then read.
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Background on viruses in general:

Viruses live inside our bodies. Some can cause illness, most co-exist with you, and even help fight illnesses. Our bodies are like super-organisms of cohabitating cells, bacteria, fungi and, most numerous of all, viruses. The latest counts indicate that as much as 50% of all biological matter in one's body is not human, and that 8% of our genome has a viral origin.

Viruses are more akin to software spinets than physical beings. They are and interact with the information system that is genetics. They don't eat, sleep, have purposeful movement, etc. If you ask virologists, they don't know if they are alive. 1/3rd say yes, 1/3rd say no, and 1/3rd say they don't know. Much of all this remains to be answered by science, and the official narrative of what a virus is could change at any time.

There's also the possibility that viruses don't even exist, and what we think are viruses are parasites. But for the sake of continuity, I'll keep referring to them as "viruses".
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Viruses are exosomes, they're a critical component of the human immune system. Forests also have exosomes. When one tree is attacked (e.g., by fungi or beetles), they churn out exosomes. These travel through the air, or through the intertwined root systems to all nearby trees, letting them know that there is a threat that needs to be dealt with and that they should take steps to counter it: such as to harden your bark, produce toxins, withdraw water or nutrients from affected locations, etc. Viruses in the human body do the exact same thing. It's unsurprising that someone with a disease has a high viral load because the viruses are warning other cells to wake up and quarantine the infected area.

Viruses spread from human to human the same way they do with trees: air, water droplets, skin contact, etc. The thing is that they're good for you. If one member of the tribe is sick, the rest of the tribe will be alerted to the danger and take the opportunity to cleanse themselves as well. Your body has to understand the threat and eliminate it before it gets too big to handle, your interaction with it is vital (e.g., chicken pox/measles, you don't get vaccinated against it, you spread it and if one kid gets in then you make sure they give it to all the other kids).

All cells within the human body know what every other cell is doing so they can coordinate. Disease is mostly caused by foreign particles: environmental toxins (like smog or bleach), or bacteria which produce toxins as part of anaerobic reproduction. Some of it is caused by electromagnetic radiation (humans are electric beings after all), and some are caused by genetic defects. Viruses don't cause disease, disease causes viruses.
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1635341877308.png–(95.57KB, 2400x1800, 1635329967377.png)
Human cells interact with other human cells as well. Sneezing spreads viruses containing "updates" on your body's condition, skin contact spreads the information directly, even just being close to one another affects our body's natural frequency of resonance to attune with each other. So, when one person's toxicity gets up too high, the entire tribe learns of it at the cellular level, thus taking steps to purge their own toxic build up before it's too late.

The viral world is like the animal world. There are variations of viruses as big as elephants and as small as insects, and with just as much diversity. Some viruses are helpful, just like some animals are helpful. Some viruses are not helpful and can kill you like Ebola.

We no longer deal with polio even though polio is still present within our bodies, this is because we've become stronger because of polio interacting with our immune system. Even the Black Plague is now rendered weak compared to most European immune systems. And at least 15% of all Western Europeans will not experience any negative effects if infected by the Black Plague today.


Natural immunity is the gold standard of immunity. All our inoculations and immunizations are trying to mimic what natural immunity is. If natural immunity isn't the best possible immunity, then none of the theory behind any vaccine makes sense.
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1635341921221.jpg–(457.66KB, 1424x1424, 1635330033631.jpg)
When coming into contact with a virus naturally you are exposed to all possible antigenic sites from inside and outside the virus at all stages of its development.
One of the keys to inducing immune memory is a broad spectrum of antigenic sites, the only way to get this completely is from a naturally occurring virus. If you are under 65 and are not morbidly obese or with a serious co-morbid medical condition, you have no risk and natural immunity is the logical choice.

There's nothing as effective as being naturally exposed to the full spectrum of antigenic sites that a real virus has. The tiny spectrum of antibodies created in response to just spike proteins have no hope of inducing robust and long-lasting immunity, only natural immunity can do that, hence forever booster shots.

Vaccines only hinder or prevent a natural process that exists to make us stronger. All vaccines weaken you no matter any immediate benefits.

Immunity can only be achieved by transmitting without vaccination. Thus, immunity comes from your immune system. Those few predisposed to vulnerability may be treated accordingly so long as they accept that their immune system is compromised by artificial means, and that they pose a risk to the group.
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Coronavirus is a family of viruses that includes whatever causes the common cold, SARS, and now COVID-19.

I don't know if SARS-CoV-2 even exists, but something is certainly out there and COVID serves as a general descriptor, exactly what it's doing isn't clear. So far it seems to get the elderly and sickly. It didn't occur naturally. It seems that a lot of effort has been put into making a deadly respiratory virus out of the common cold.
There are no guarantees in all this, and, ironically enough, it's not an exact science. You can make a virus that seems perfect in the lab, but in the real world faced with the unknowns of the immune system, you just never know what's going to happen.
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mRNA technology has been around for a while. What kept mRNA from being used in widespread vaccination was not having a way of protecting the mRNA long enough to get inside of cells and the ribosomes, where it can be "read" to construct a protein.
Instead of admitting this they (Moderna, Pfizer, etc.) went ahead with a lipid-soluble coating.

A lipid-soluble coating guarantees the injected mRNA to easily pass through cell membranes and get to the site of action (ribosomes). But it also meant that, unlike other vaccines, which have their particles taken up in normal lymph flow and end up in lymph-nodes, antigenic molecules are processed by dendritic cells and stay in the extracellular space (outside and in-between cells - the interstitium), otherwise the mRNA in these vaccines ends up everywhere, easily passing from the interstitium to the blood stream and across the blood-brain barrier.

Compared with getting a virus, the virus is only able to bond with and enter some cells; injecting its genetic material and taking over production to make more virus. It is limited to cells displaying molecules each virus is capable of binding to (in the case of SARS-CoV-2 this is a molecule called ACE2).

In "normal" vaccination only dendritic and a few other immune cells (which are designed to ingest and deal with antigenic molecules) end up with viral proteins in them. These specific cells are part of the immune reaction that ends up with long-term and robust immunity. With mRNA vaccination the injection is in the deltoid (most of the time) but the particles of mRNA move easily move in and out of cells and across biological membranes. Any cell, and subsequently its ribosomes, which come into contact with the exogenous mRNA, will start to produce the altered SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins that the mRNA instructs for.
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In the normal course of cellular function the master copy of your build and operating instructions (DNA) has a chapter photocopied as needed (mRNA) and sent out to factories (ribosomes) which read the instructions and build proteins according to them. During this process, whatever protein is being made is reported back to the immune system. This happens by each of your cells taking one of the things its ribosomes are making and displaying them on the outside of their cell membrane.
Security (T-Cells of the immune system) come by, but can't get inside, they just look at the sign to see if something is off. If something is, they can nuke the whole city (induce lysis) or tag the sign for other bulldozer immune cells to come by and level it. This function fights both cancer and viral infection.
If either of those things cause a cell to start making abnormal or foreign proteins then the cell is instructed to kill itself (lysis) or it gets tagged to be destroyed by other immune cells.
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Until recently you could only end up with antigenic (things which set off an immune response) molecules displayed to the immune system on subsets of cells. Either a virus infected your cells and that virus could only attach and enter a tiny number of overall cells in your body (like SARS-CoV-2 and cells which display ACE2), or you could get cancer (which is essentially one cell over and over and over).

Outside of that, antigenic molecules would be immediately destroyed by natural killer cells or would be collected through lymph to be processed and displayed by dendritic cells in lymph tissue (lymph nodes mostly). These dendritic cells look like massive tree root systems and all they do is process foreign material and display it on Major Histocompatibility Complex. That's the molecule complex that announces what's going on inside a cell to the outside world. It is the security (the immune system) that monitors to know if there is an issue inside, as security is a cell itself, and can't enter another cell.

The immune system is blind to the intracellular environment besides these signs (MHC). One type of T-Cell, T-Helper Cells, move up and down the "root system" of the dendritic cell, just looking at all the signs.
In this way, your lymph nodes and spleen (where this process mostly happens) act as security checkpoints, eventually coming across fragments of anything that ends up in your body. If they find something wrong, they induce an immune response to that thing which will eventually reach wherever the molecules they saw came from.
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By injecting these lipid-soluble mRNA particles into peoples bodies; littering them throughout all tissue, dependent on each individuals weight, lipid percentage, hydration, cardiovascular state, anatomy, etc. Wherever concentrations of these end up you have random cells which will start to produce altered spike proteins.

The immune system notices this and starts attacking those areas. As each mRNA vaccinated cell is destroyed they spill their contents of altered spike protein (cytotoxic itself) into the local area.

The vaccine makers know the path to immune activation is through MHC (signs), and don't really address or care about all the excess spike proteins being made.
In the background, ribosomes are churning out actual spike protein into the inside of the cell. This is how viruses reproduce as well; once infected more viral particles are constructed inside a cell, but they don't get to release and go infect other cells until the infected cell is destroyed and they can escape.
¨ No.50
>Viruses are exosomes

Circulating ACE2-expressing Exosomes Block SARS-CoV-2 Virus Infection as an Innate Antiviral Mechanism

>we detected circulating exosomes that express the SARS-CoV-2 viral entry receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in plasma of both healthy donors and convalescent COVID-19 patients

>We demonstrated that exosomal ACE2 competes with cellular ACE2 for neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 infection. ACE2-expressing (ACE2+) exosomes blocked the binding of the viral spike (S) protein RBD to ACE2+ cells in a dose dependent manner, which was 400- to 700-fold more potent than that of vesicle-free recombinant human ACE2 extracellular domain protein (rhACE2)

>As a consequence, exosomal ACE2 prevented SARS-CoV-2 pseudotype virus tethering and infection of human host cells at a 50-150 fold higher efficacy than rhACE2.

>A similar antiviral activity of exosomal ACE2 was further demonstrated to block wild-type live SARS-CoV-2 infection.

>Of note, depletion of ACE2+ exosomes from COVID-19 patient plasma impaired the ability to block SARS-CoV-2 RBD binding to host cells

¨ No.51
All the atoms in your body are replaced about once a decade. Even your bones are constantly re-structured by osteoclasts and osteoblasts, so every 10 years you have entirely different atoms making up those bones. Even cells that generally don't replicate or die until you do, like neurons and muscle constantly replace their constituent parts.
The MHC displaying the product the ribosome are making will stay embedded in the cell wall until that section of the membrane is replaced due to other natural process (e.g. endocytosis).
This means that people who end up with persistent neurological or cardiac side effects may have them for years, until most of the signs stating the cell is making spike protein are torn down. For neurons in the brain, that could be years, not to mention the fact that in the mean time, the immune system is actively trying to kill off any of those cells, and often successfully.

There is so much we don't understand about this. A gigantic portion of your genome is dedicated to MHC. We don't have any idea about the mechanisms we are playing with. Not only are large swaths of MHC black boxes but the whole question of Clonal Selection (how your body 'knows' what is you and what isn't you, and therefore what to attack) is an open question.
There are no longitudinal studies on any of this, the safety data is non-existent beyond "it probably doesn't kill many of you in the first 90 days." It will take years to collect the data and produce irrefutable results, which is why the normal process is around 6 years from a working product. Without control groups, even that data will be easy to skew in interpretation though.
¨ No.52
Other points:

These vaccines also have no hope of imparting robust long term immunity, and are effectively short-term antibody therapy to one specific part of one specific strain. You need to have a broad spectrum of antigenic sites to induce robust and long lasting immunity. That's why vaccines are more complicated than re-producing a single bacterial protein and rubbing it on a cut. Although, doing that with dead bacteria (scabs) is where we saw inoculation first work.
Whether the vaccines were attenuated, destroyed, or dead, the only vaccines we have ever seen impart robust and long lasting immunity provided the whole host of antigenic particles found in the wild. It's another reason why mRNA wasn't in widespread use in addition to the technical problem of a protective coating or encapsulation.
And more shots are being mandated to keep "antibody levels" high, even though high antibody levels are a sign of infection, not immunity. Antibody levels should fade quickly and be replaced with primed memory cells.
These mRNA "vaccines" don't work and nor can they be considered vaccines. Mild endogenous antibody therapy would be a better description, which is why they had to change the definition of vaccine. they will only ever produce widespread, diffuse and low level specific signals.
¨ No.53
This is a totally abnormal use of mRNA. It's more akin to hacking an information system than it is to a biological process.
The mRNA particles are little snippets of code. Each one is identical, without a qualitative factor. Genetics is a pure information system (coded as DNA); you can write the spike protein down and not lose any fidelity. There are no known mechanisms in the wild that would monitor or react to what we are doing.
The best option is to not have the mRNA injected into you in the first place. Once it is, all you can do is max out your nutrition, hydration, exercise, vitamins, and other micro-nutrients and supplements, etc. The body will eventually clear the mRNA (short-term weeks), the induced spike proteins (mid-term months), and the MHC bound induced spike protein (long-term years.) It's just a matter of surviving until it does.

The mRNA vaccines being used right now have not been seen getting transcribed into DNA and incorporated into the human genome. A mechanism for that has been discussed in theory in one paper out of MIT, which provides a logical framework of how that could happen. It requires the presence of HIV reverse transcriptase though, which isn't around for most people.
Reverse transcription of an RNA virus into DNA and its subsequent inclusion in peoples DNA in a persistent manner is probably not happening. That's why continued shots are required, the immune system is, eventually, successful in clearing the mRNA, the free altered spike proteins induced by it, and the MHC / membrane bound altered spike proteins in vaccinated cells. The "side-effects" are the immune system clearing all that and damaging you in the process.
If you survive that, then there should be no long-term changes, other than the damage done in the process. If you cleared all the vaccine products, and don't have tissue damage that's permanent, then you won't have any long-term alterations from the mRNA vaccines.
¨ No.54
To be clear, there is no mechanism for these mRNA vaccines to change anything permanently about you. The exception is of course the damage your immune system does in the process of clearing vaccinated cells. If you get brain damage from the process, that's not going to be repaired once you clear the vaccine by-products. But if you make it through vaccination unscathed then there is nothing inherent in the mRNA vaccine that will affect you long term.
From the time you get the mRNA vaccine it's a race to clear all the by-products before the process of clearing the by-products causes significant damage. When you get another shot you start from square one again.

The vaccinated do shed the altered spike protein, but realistically it shouldn't be more harmful than any other antigen. If you were in sexual contact with a vaccinated person then you might come into contact with enough to induce a noticeable immune response and feel bad for a day or two.
There's no mechanism to incorporate those shed altered spike proteins into cells in the non-vaccinated though, so your immune system is well suited to removing them.

For all the dangers and unknowns of the mRNA vaccines, none of it results in robust and long-lasting immunity.
What we have is a perfect environment for the virus to rapidly avoid the limited spectrum of antibodies our vaccination programs are largely producing. Delta is just the start if we keep this up.
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The low hanging fruit are being picked off with the vaccine, which also happens to be the strains that would out compete more lethal strains (original vs. Delta SARS-CoV-2).
If the original strain had been allowed to remain and people recovered with strong immunity to nearby variations, due to the wide variety of antibodies to all parts of the virus created from natural infection, and the relatively small changes in comparison to the overall size of the virus induced by mutation, then this would be over. There was a natural process here of the virus becoming endemic and harmless.

The little effect the vaccines had was to wipe out that strain and leave a vacuum for more lethal strains to proliferate (Delta). In natural conditions the strain that out competes isn't the most lethal, it's the least. The least lethal strain is eventually present in the most people able to interact with other people and therefore transmit the virus. The most lethal strain kills people and limits transmission.
This is why Ebola is not at risk for causing an epidemic in the first world, that was all propaganda. Ebola kills too quickly; it spreads in places where bodies and sick people are handled by family in the home.
Leaky vaccines put evolutionary pressure for more lethal strains to dominate, to the point of their lethality limiting their spread, but still more lethal than the strain that would have dominated without the leaky vaccine. That's why death rates started to rise again just after mass vaccination.
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Specific vaccines:

The artificially produced spike protein vaccines all have the shortcomings of the mRNA vaccines (small spectrum of antibodies induced and a lack of robust long-term immunity), but they don't result in the widespread MHC/spike protein complexes outside the immune system.
Instead of littering mRNA throughout all cells randomly the viral vector vaccines can only get mRNA to the cells they can infect. It was thought this would be a harmless subset of cells that wouldn't generally be directed to a specific tissue and cause isolated problems.
Instead, the adenovirus carrier seems to be related specifically to infections of the epithelial lining of blood vessels. That's where the idea of "COVID being a blood vessel disease" came from and the claim that clots were from "roughing up of vascular walls." That's not the case, blood clots are from altered spike protein / antibody complex agglutinations lodging in distal vasculature and inducing the compliment system which results in clots. The specific adenoviral vector may be targeting blood vessels and causing clots in that subset of patients as well though.
We've been trying to make a vaccine to this type of thing for decades and always failed. SARS-CoV-1, H5N1, MERS, Influenza, no vaccine. What is the magical breakthrough that we had last year that changed everything and made these virus classes so easy to vaccinate for? Nothing, they are lying to everyone.
The viral vector vaccine(s) (Novavax) are no better than the mRNA vaccines, they bring their own set of problems.
The inactivated and attenuated vaccine(s) (Valneva) are unlikely to work as we've been trying them for years against coronaviruses, influenza, and any other respiratory virus we can find, and they never work, which is a good thing in this case so the safety of them should be on par with past vaccines.
¨ No.57
Novavax is better than mRNA in theory, because it's injecting artificial spike proteins. But at the end of the day, you'll need more shots sooner than later.
The path to robust long-lasting immunity is through a broad spectrum of antigenic sites, only the spike protein is never going to do it, it's all just induced antibody therapy.

The Sinovac vaccine is an inactivated viral vaccine. The Chinese haven't made information on it readily available.
To speculate, inactivated viral vaccines have been tried for decades against common cold corona virus and influenza (to name a few) and other respiratory viruses (MERS) and they never worked. To make them more effective they have taken to upping the dose to massive levels. This causes more of an immune reaction, but also skyrockets the rate of adverse events.

The Valneva vaccine is an inactivated, adjuvanted whole virus vaccine. This is the "classic" vaccine technology and doesn't seem to have any new risks associated with it.
This strategy has been extensively attempted against seasonal respiratory virus for decades and has failed, so I am suspect of its long-term efficacy (which is a good thing in this case). It has none of the associated safety concerns with the mRNA vaccines though.

mRNA is poison, and that's not to say vaccines of the past weren't.

However, there's a fair amount of evidence indicating that the tetanus shot is safe, depending on checking what's actually in it, but that seems to be an exception at best.

¨ No.58
Clonal selection:
The immune system has an impossible job. By definition the conditions inside multicellular life are perfect for cellular life to thrive (or non-cellular parasites like virus). The information system that both makes us and protects us (the information coded in DNA) has to protect us from every possible dangerous molecule. Not just those that we are likely to come into contact with and not just those that exist the day we are conceived and our genome is created.
Your immune system needs to be able to protect you from whatever exists 30 years from now in addition to what exists now.

A single average bacteria given unlimited resources and space would grow from a single cell to more biomass than all humans on Earth today... in less than 72 hours. it would create more biomass than all humans that have ever existed in less than a week. Every one of those replications represents an opportunity for that bacteria (or virus, same concept applies) to mutate into something the immune system can't recognize or effectively destroy / remove from the body.
Contrast that to a human genome, which can recombine and reproduce once in nine months, with an ~14 year delay until an offspring can do the same. Even if all our genetic material were nothing but coding for combinations of dangerous particles that do exist (forgetting about what could exist) we would need millions of times more genetic material than we have.

So, to overcome this the immune system uses a random approach. It has large sections of DNA that it randomly combines to make the "sensing" parts of the immune system. These are called Receptor Binding Domains and they are what are on the end of antibodies (among other places) that let them attach to (or 'recognize') foreign particles.
Antigen is the name for those things which the immune system reacts to. If the immune system can make a RBD that attaches to something, that something is an antigen.
¨ No.59
This strategy results in the immune system creating trillions of RBDs. You make RBDs to molecules that only exist on other planets, that only existed a million years ago,
and some that won't exist for thousands of years to come. In that mix you also make RBDs capable of 'recognizing' and attacking your own cells. This process is random, so it makes everything.

That's where Clonal Selection comes in. Once immune cells are made with these random RBDs they go through a process to weed out dangerous ones. This happens for T Cells in the Thymus and for B Cells in the bone marrow. No one knows how the body identifies the dangerous cells and kills them off before they get into circulation. When this process fails, you get auto-immunity. For instance, type 1 Diabetes is when this process fails and your immune system lets cells with RBDs that recognize the cells which produce insulin as targets and destroy them.

With this functionality in mind, there isn't any way for the mRNA vaccines to stop that process. What is happening and will continue to happen is the immune system will destroy any cells displaying the altered spike protein, causing an assortment of ailments.
¨ No.60
Blood clots:
The blood clots seem to be from agglutinations lodging in distal vasculature.
The mRNA gets the spike protein into MHC and T Cells see it, but it also induces the production of massive amounts of spike protein that get dumped into tissue when the vaccinated cell is destroyed. The vaccinated cell will be destroyed because the immune system thinks it's infected by SARS-CoV-2 based on what's in its MHC. At that point, the antibodies do what they are meant to, they attach to the artificially produced spike protein, clumping it together.
Antibody ends are Y shaped, so they stick to multiple antigen and multiple antibodies attach to each, so you get large, sticky, "agglutinations" of antibody-antigen complex. The common end of the antibodies induces platelet aggregation through activation of the compliment system, inducing a clot wherever that happens.
¨ No.61
Myocarditis itself just means inflammation of the myocardium (heart muscle). So, you can have it from a host of things.
Bacterial myocarditis, viral myocarditis, rheumatoid (immune) myocarditis, etc. This is closest to rheumatoid myocarditis but different, in normal rheumatoid myocarditis there is a problem in clonal selection and your body makes immune cells that seek out myocardium and attack it, causing inflammation. In this case, mRNA is inducing these cells to signal to the immune system that they are infected with SARS-Cov-2 and need to be destroyed.
The immune system obliges and causes inflammation. Inflammation is an emergent trait of a bunch of things the immune system does at the site of an infection to fight it more effectively.
Myocarditis will also occur in people with lower body fat percentages (i.e. "fit young men"), so fat people, while already predisposed to weakness, are somewhat protected by their fat from vaccine induced myocarditis due to significantly increased lipid content in their body.
¨ No.62
1635342345273.gif–(2.85MB, 300x236, 1635330627447.gif)

¨ No.63
ADE is a major concern, and it seems like we are seeing strong signals that it's a thing. There is also an ongoing serious and unknown risk of creating prions, which we effectively know nothing about. Right now, there isn't clear enough data to draw any mainstream attention. But ADE especially is real and seems to be happening at some level. Prions, if they happen, well nothing will matter, that's the end of us.
A prion is a misfolded protein that causes other proteins, that they come into contact with, to misfold as well. This is very bad news because it behaves like an infectious disease. It slowly converts all the proteins in your body to the misfolded shape, and your body slowly stops working like a clock that has all its clockwork replaced with non-working parts.

As far as other things to look out for, it's hard to say. It also depends on the person in question, their size, hydration, circulation, fat content, etc.
¨ No.64
The specialist thesis is that we don't know about these mechanisms, in addition to where we know problems can arise. The prognosis for most is probably mild side-effects that clear up relatively quickly (months if not weeks). Some unknown percentage will end up with a random host of what looks like auto-immune disease for up to a decade. The signals of any specific ailment will be hidden because the vaccine mRNA coating is so lipid soluble that the mRNA can end up anywhere in your body. Where it happens to end up in each person will determine the specifics, degree, and length of any side-effects.

I think they will only become more draconian. The virus and the vaccine are insanity. The West has been researching and planning for a pandemic for a hundred years. All of that has been thrown out the window with news celebrities and politicians calling the shots. This has nothing to do with medicine or public health. This has to do with dividing the population along the only line that matters; compliant and non-compliant.
¨ No.65
1635342396587.jpg–(228.43KB, 890x736, 1635330693930.jpg)

¨ No.66
I don't know if professionals are going to eventually be pushed too far. Examples of the Gulags in Soviet Russia show there's nothing that will break people out of it since they have placed their faith in the system, same goes for China's social credit system, India's caste system, and other assorted dystopias that are only kept afloat by exported Western technology - people just go along with it, which makes it 'sustainable'. You'll find the most compliant among leftists, right-wingers tend to resist but many still go along with it via conservative excuses. It's also no coincidence that many vocal right-wingers who spoke out against this are now dead from "COVID".

Avoiding mRNA is vital. If you have serious comorbidity you may want to consider the inactivated or attenuated viral vaccines (Valneva). At that point it's a personal choice, if your health is that precarious then it's not that SARS-CoV-2 got you, it's that literally anything you get next will kill you.
¨ No.67
As far as your own health goes, these things help in regards to whatever shit is floating around or released by jews and their comrades:

Adrenal cortex
Vitamin D3-K2 from Bio-Tech Pharmacal
Vitamin C
Zinc (50mg per day)

Maxing out your nutrients from natural sources is key, supplements are 'supplementary'. Most "food" today is nutrient deficient and shouldn't even be considered food. But meat, diary and eggs are key. Mandarins are a safe fruit.
¨ No.68
*not sure who makes the best of each, besides the vit D3-K2, have to look into that yourselves.

/pol/ is also right about parasites so this thread might get deleted after this post. Someone needs to screencap it all.

(take note that synthetic products can lead to stronger parasites)

Ivermectin (0.2mg/kg paste, 1g of Durvet or Equimec paste has 20mg of ivermectin = 6 doses per tube for a 100kg man, always take with a high fat meal)
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC / Acetylcysteine) (600-1200mg per day)

Albendazol, Fenbendazole, Menbendazole (Fugacar is a popular brand) or Tribendazol

Zahler paraguard cleanse
Quercetin with bromelain
CoQ10 (3000 mg per day)
Chondroitin sulfate

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) (500-1500mg per day)
Black walnut hull (Juglans nigra) (500-1500mg per day)
Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) (500-1500mg per day)

Garlic + Ginger + Pumpkin Seeds

Psyllium + Bentonite clay + Diatomaceous Earth + Coconut Charcoal (morning and evening, before meals)

Castor oil
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1635342759086.jpg–(93.05KB, 610x763, 1635333339305.jpg)

¨ No.70
1635342918326.jpg–(641.85KB, 1242x934, 1635334876970.jpg)
¨ No.71
1635342994456.jpg–(32.38KB, 500x589, 1635335858250.jpg)
It is important to note that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend antibody testing to try to demonstrate immunity to COVID-19 or response to vaccination. Antibody testing is not validated in these cases, so antibody tests should not be used to coordinate arrangements for workplaces or shared living environments like nursing homes or college dorms nor to dictate one’s level of COVID-19 precautions.

In general, a positive test result reflects a previous infection with SARS-CoV-2, but it is possible for a person who has never had COVID-19 to have a positive test. This is known as a false positive, and it can occur if antibodies to another type of coronavirus were detected by the test as antibodies to SARS-CoV-2.
¨ No.72
delete this illiterate retard you are breaking the chain
¨ No.73

Also I've seen this pasta before, on somebody's website. anybody have a link to the original?
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1635343243783.jpg–(137.09KB, 1080x810, 1635339768617.jpg)
it's really sad to see the west destroy itself over a flu. How did we get here, frens? are we really that devoid of testosterone?
¨ No.75
1635343394446.jpg–(237.10KB, 1392x1242, 1635340063061.jpg)
Then go and be a slave, but the next time someone asks you what it is you do and what you stand for, answer to them truthfully, and say that you are a slave and that you stand by your master's orders.

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