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Ask questions and discuss things related to this site. Make test posts in the Sandbox.


To use a tripcode, add a # in your name. After the #, add the password for the tripcode.

The server will apply a hash to the password and display the hashed password.

To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. A secure tripcode will generate a random text to be displayed that will only be used if your password matches.

If you add a > in the start of a line, it will greentext the text until it finds a new line.

>le ebin upboat :^) → >le ebin upboat :^)

If you write >> and then a number to a posting, it will create a link to this post in the board you are posting.

>>50 → >>50

If you write >>> and then add a board name between slashes, it will create a link to the board.
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What is a Spoiler?


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Checking the Spoiler checkbox hides the uploaded image until readers click on it.


How to turn off message that asks to update passwordIn Firefox, type about:preferences#privacy in the address bar and press ENTER

Under Logins and Passwords press the button Exceptions

Add www.appalachianforums.com as an exception.


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"I'd be so much more comfortable posting anonymously": Identified versus anonymous participation in student discussion boards


Anonymity removes a major barrier to entry for most people. How do we know this? Because the proof is in the pudding… over 95% of our forum users choose a username that protects their anonymity.
Anonymity breaks down power relationships between interlocutors. We have observed conversations between 50 year olds and 13 year olds that would never take place in a face to face environment.
Anonymity allows an individual to express an opinion without the fear of intimidation. Cyber bullying is a serious issue but is a personal matter. Anonymity greatly reduces the ability of anyone to bully or humiliate anyone else within a forum.
Anonymity allows an individual to express an opinion that may be contrary to that of their employer.
Anonymity allows an individual to express an opinion that their position may not otherwise permit.

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Do you log IP addresses?


Yes. All servers record IP addresses in various logs. The software running the site also records IP addresses to prevent bot and spam attacks and to enable a way to block problematic posters. IP addresses are never displayed in posts nor are they used to identify posters unless we are required by law enforcement to provide that information.


Do I have to post an image?


Most boards do not require it.

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